Monday, August 9, 2010

The fun about being me...

Sorry its been a little bit, but life has a way of catching you off guard. Any hoo, so now I am giving private pole lessons to women who have seen me perform at the club. This is pretty awesome I think. I am finally doing something that I really love...teaching the "art" of pole dance to others! Woot woot! The club has been mostly drama free, my regular job is killing me, the kids are driving me nuts, but all in all I think life is great. My best friend is doing her thing, and is moving on in the world and I am proud of her, but there are times when I miss being able to call her up and talk about the everyday b.s. that happens at either of my jobs. Oh well, that's life, right?

On a bright spot, I have become close to another pole jockey, and today is nail day. However, Wensday was supposed to be wing day, but it seems that that has to be moved to another day. Boo. There is so much to do and so little time to do it in. Where to start?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Another Way to Have A Star Buddy Day...

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few weeks, life has been a bit on the choatic side. Well, I did the finals of the pole competition that I had talked about in the last blog, and I won in a tie with another girl who was wearing gloves. In the big world of pole competiton that is a no-no. So in my eyes she cheated and I was the real winner. So now I have the title Charlotte's Miss Pole-A-Polooza 2010!! So awesome. And I love the fact that all my friends that could make it out to support me did so, with force!
On a side note, the drama at the Spot is knee-deep and building. I think that the poor economy has a great deal to do with all of it to be quite honest. Lets just say that if there are not enough customers in a club the girls will get bored and start trouble of the smallest of things. Then there is the issue of the one girl that I just cannot stand. Things heated up between us when she got drunk and tried starting trouble while I was in the middle of doing a private dance. BLAH!!! I already can't stand it when girls try to talk to me while I'm giving a dance, but REALLY!?!
My day job has cut hours for the time being so I'm going to have to work more during the week at the Spot. I may begin travelling again if things keep going the way that they are.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Competition Pole Dancing

Alright, so in my last post I said I was trying to compete for this local pole competition. Well, I did and it was a three-way tie between me and two other girls. That's fine with me, because it gets me into the finals, but now I have to put on my A game. My performance Saturday was far from spectacular, and the moves I used were beginner moves. So this week I have been working on some more complicated and advanced moves, and while I have accomplished a few, I am sore and tired and am begining to think that somewhere in the ten years I have been dancing that I have given myself arthritis in my left wrist (or at least carpel tunnel).

I am bruised beyond belief and I think that my bruises now have bruises. I think its time to name them, since they are going to be there a while. Finals are coming up, so its back to the pole for me! Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday Night at The Spot

I wish that there was a way to upload videos onto this, that way everyone can see what my friends have to say about the job that we do....anyway...

Last night I decided to go into work with the hopes of working on my routine for a local pole dancing competion. Well, that didn't happen, I still have no clue as to what I am going to do other that just wing it. I'm actually really nervous about this. The girls at the Spot are all being positive that I can win this, but you know how nerves can get the better of you.

The lovely S got a bit on the tipsy side, and was quite humorous (as usual). I can't really put into words what she did that made it so funny other than the fact that when I went to pick her up this morning to go get me some new shoes for tonight she looked like she was feeling it....hard! I actually got that on tape. Hahaha.

I had only one jerk to deal with last night who thought I was too hot to even talk to (his words, not mine) then he thought it would be funny to be rude to me, as if that would make me like him. In his dreams. Guys- for future reference, girls like nice guys...NOT JERKS!!!

The rest of the crowd was pretty cool. They tipped well on stage and were actually buying some dances, not a lot, but some. And then the only dancer that I would actually say I hate showed her fivehead face in the club again after being gone for a long time. I had hoped that she had fallen off the face of the earth, but I guess some dream just don't come true. Pity. I think I did very well by ignoring her. I just don't like dancers who think that they are better than the job they are there to do and look down on other dancers. Shouldn't we all work as a team?

I mean, it has been my experiance that when all the girls work together, we all make a lot more money. Makes sense, right?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Introduction to the real world of strippers

Alright, well it has occured to me that many people think that the life of an "exotic entertainer" is one of late nights, partying, sleeping in everyday, and lots of easy money. I'm here to break the bad news my friends....late nights are a must have...partying is only for a few...sleeping in is only for the weekends...and the "easy" money is not so easy. The ugly truth is its a rough business. The life of a stripper is hard in every possible aspect, one makes a living based on how she looks, acts, and talks to other people (mostly men). This is in no way easy. This means constant manicures and pedicures, trips to the tanning bed, getting hair done, learning how to walk in 6 to 8 inch platform heels while smiling and trying hard not to fall on your face! Crazy, huh? Why would someone put themselves through night after night of judgment from not only customers, but from other women as well? Money. Pure and simple. There is a window for young ladies to make a great deal of money and the lure of the lifestyle is, well, tempting. This blog is created in an effort to tell the world what really goes on behind the scenes of just about every strip club in America.
Lets begin with our club....shall we refer to this as the Spot? I think so. Its very becoming of the place that I work (and have worked for many years).
Then there is me....a twenty-something-year-old woman, married, two kids, has a day job in hopes of leaving the life of a dancer in the near future. ~Star~
Also, there is my Best Friend, same age as me, married, no kids, teaches pole dancing, travels around the country teaching workshops, has won competitions for pole dancing, and is (in my opinion) the coolest person that I have ever had the privilage of meeting. We'll call her ~H~.
Then, there is ~S~; S has been dancing for about five years now, and aspires to be like H. She is a habitual dancer. More on this later.
There are more than I can name and the backgrounds on these lovely ladies would take forever, so I will explain them as they come into the blog later....not today. Today is just for introductions. I will post a blog the following day after I work. Interesting things tend to happen while I work, sometimes its a customer that makes the night entertaining, but most of the time its a fellow dancer. S will be posting on here as well. Stay tuned and enjoy!!