Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Another Way to Have A Star Buddy Day...

Sorry that I haven't posted in a few weeks, life has been a bit on the choatic side. Well, I did the finals of the pole competition that I had talked about in the last blog, and I won in a tie with another girl who was wearing gloves. In the big world of pole competiton that is a no-no. So in my eyes she cheated and I was the real winner. So now I have the title Charlotte's Miss Pole-A-Polooza 2010!! So awesome. And I love the fact that all my friends that could make it out to support me did so, with force!
On a side note, the drama at the Spot is knee-deep and building. I think that the poor economy has a great deal to do with all of it to be quite honest. Lets just say that if there are not enough customers in a club the girls will get bored and start trouble of the smallest of things. Then there is the issue of the one girl that I just cannot stand. Things heated up between us when she got drunk and tried starting trouble while I was in the middle of doing a private dance. BLAH!!! I already can't stand it when girls try to talk to me while I'm giving a dance, but REALLY!?!
My day job has cut hours for the time being so I'm going to have to work more during the week at the Spot. I may begin travelling again if things keep going the way that they are.