Friday, June 4, 2010

Introduction to the real world of strippers

Alright, well it has occured to me that many people think that the life of an "exotic entertainer" is one of late nights, partying, sleeping in everyday, and lots of easy money. I'm here to break the bad news my friends....late nights are a must have...partying is only for a few...sleeping in is only for the weekends...and the "easy" money is not so easy. The ugly truth is its a rough business. The life of a stripper is hard in every possible aspect, one makes a living based on how she looks, acts, and talks to other people (mostly men). This is in no way easy. This means constant manicures and pedicures, trips to the tanning bed, getting hair done, learning how to walk in 6 to 8 inch platform heels while smiling and trying hard not to fall on your face! Crazy, huh? Why would someone put themselves through night after night of judgment from not only customers, but from other women as well? Money. Pure and simple. There is a window for young ladies to make a great deal of money and the lure of the lifestyle is, well, tempting. This blog is created in an effort to tell the world what really goes on behind the scenes of just about every strip club in America.
Lets begin with our club....shall we refer to this as the Spot? I think so. Its very becoming of the place that I work (and have worked for many years).
Then there is me....a twenty-something-year-old woman, married, two kids, has a day job in hopes of leaving the life of a dancer in the near future. ~Star~
Also, there is my Best Friend, same age as me, married, no kids, teaches pole dancing, travels around the country teaching workshops, has won competitions for pole dancing, and is (in my opinion) the coolest person that I have ever had the privilage of meeting. We'll call her ~H~.
Then, there is ~S~; S has been dancing for about five years now, and aspires to be like H. She is a habitual dancer. More on this later.
There are more than I can name and the backgrounds on these lovely ladies would take forever, so I will explain them as they come into the blog later....not today. Today is just for introductions. I will post a blog the following day after I work. Interesting things tend to happen while I work, sometimes its a customer that makes the night entertaining, but most of the time its a fellow dancer. S will be posting on here as well. Stay tuned and enjoy!!

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  1. sounds interesting, i've had friends who stripped, they never made sound too glamorous...